How to Eat Vegan at Thai Restaurants

Thai cuisine has many vegetarian and vegan options

Avoid dishes with fish sauce, other seafood, and eggs

Tip 1

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Ask for your dish to be made without fish sauce or egg noodles, and make sure there is no shrimp paste or fish in the curry paste if you order curry.

Choose a dish that is commonly vegan

Tip 2

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Try Pad Thai (without fish sauce), stir fries, and fried rice often have vegan options.

Try an appetizer

Tip 3

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Try spring rolls or fresh rolls, veggie dumplings (ask about egg in the wrappers), or tofu satay with peanut sauce

Find a vegan or vegetarian Thai restaurant in your area

Tip 4

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Many Thai restaurants are 100% vegetarian and some are totally vegan or advertise vegan options!

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