“We’re gonna sit at our desks typing while the walls fall down around us.”

Mad Men Food

The pitch meetings on Mad Men always feature a spread of New York delicatessen, appetizers, and glasses upon glasses of Bloody Marys. The food is hardly the main attraction of these scenes. I don’t recall the partners or clients actually eating it on-screen because, well, booze. It seems that Don and Roger frequent the beverage cart far more often than they eat, Mad Men food is…drinks. I decided to put those spreads in the spotlight by making Bloody Marys and deli-style pastrami sandwiches. And I can’t forget to include the obligatory glasses of whiskey for those who choose to drink their lunch.

Mad Men Food: vegan pastrami and Bloody Marys

The sandwiches are comprised of toasted pumpernickel, slices of the Vegan Pastrami Roast from Julie Hasson’s Vegan Diner, brown mustard, and a generous helping of sauerkraut. Simple, but incredibly flavorful with pastrami as the main attraction. Sterling Cooper & Partners don’t know what they’re missing.

Mad Men Food: vegan pastrami and Bloody Marys

I want to focus on the photography, writing, and styling for Mad Men MoFo, so most of the recipes I make this month will be from fellow vegan cookbook authors and bloggers. I’m excited to showcase some of my favorite recipes, like the pastrami and Fronch!

Mad Men Food: vegan pastrami and Bloody Marys

P.S. While researching, I discovered that the Mad Men corner of the AMC website has a nifty little cocktail guide. I’ve been referring to it for Mad Men Cocktail Friday (hint: Don’s signature cocktail will be featured this Friday). You’ll find recipes for several classic cocktails.


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  1. I’m loving the photo styling in this post, you’re really outdoing yourself and the sandwiches don’t look bad either!

  2. Wow I really want that sandwich.

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