“We’re gonna sit at our desks typing while the walls fall down around us.”

This post is free of spoilers. Read on, even if you haven’t seen ‘Mad Men’!


The pitch meetings on Mad Men always feature a spread of New York delicatessen, appetizers, and glasses upon glasses of Bloody Marys. The food is hardly the main attraction of these scenes. I don’t recall the partners or clients actually eating it on-screen because, well, booze. It seems that Don and Roger frequent the beverage cart far more often than they eat food. I decided to put those spreads in the spotlight by making Bloody Marys and deli-style pastrami sandwiches. And I can’t forget to include the obligatory glasses of whiskey for those who choose to drink their lunch.


The sandwiches are comprised of toasted pumpernickel, slices of the Vegan Pastrami Roast from Julie Hasson’s Vegan Diner, brown mustard, and a generous helping of sauerkraut. Simple, but incredibly flavorful with pastrami as the main attraction. Sterling Cooper & Partners don’t know what they’re missing.


I want to focus on the photography, writing, and styling for Mad Men MoFo, so most of the recipes I make this month will be from fellow vegan cookbook authors and bloggers. I’m excited to showcase some of my favorite recipes, like the pastrami and Fronch!

P.S. While researching, I discovered that the Mad Men corner of the AMC website has a nifty little cocktail guide. I’ve been referring to it for Mad Men Cocktail Friday (hint: Don’s signature cocktail will be featured this Friday). You’ll find recipes for several classic cocktails.


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  1. I’m loving the photo styling in this post, you’re really outdoing yourself and the sandwiches don’t look bad either!

  2. Wow I really want that sandwich.

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