The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur Giveaway WINNER

Winner of the The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur Giveaway

Hi everyone! Thanks for entering the giveaway to win a copy of The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur signed by Natalie and me. I randomly selected a winner through Rafflcopter/ and…

The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur Giveaway

…the winner is Shira. Congratulations! You’ll find an email at the address you provided asking for your mailing address so I can send you the book.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you didn’t win this time, no worries! I put together a few giveaways per year on Seitan Beats Your Meat, so look out for the next one. Thanks for reading and participating!

Vegan Vortex

Over the weekend, I brought a few copies of the new book to a local vegan market we have here in Chicago called Vegan Vortex. A few people stopped by to grab a new copy of The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur, and it was really nice to see everyone!

Hoarding Pie, Pie My Darling treats and snuggling Strummer!

I also brought a brand new product to the market, a canvas tote featuring a French fry mosaic made entirely of French fries (curly, crinkle cut, and standard!) spelling out “Kale” in a playful script. It was way too much fun to make, and I’m sure my apartment smelled like French fries for at least 2 days. It took 3 large bags of French fries and 4.5 hours to make the mosaic, before photographing the mosaic and working on the final image to send to the printer!

The tote is 100% cotton canvas and measures 15″ x 16″ with an 8″ x 10″ printed image. Since this is its first run, I currently have just a few available online at the Seitan Beats Your Meat/Kelly Peloza Photo shop. I’ve been using mine as a grocery tote, and it’s the best way to carry around fresh fruits and veggies. Or junk food. It’s all good. It’s a soft canvas so it easily folds up to fit in a handbag, and is best for lighter items.

Grab yours at for just $18 + $2 s&h:


If people are really interested in the totes, I have a few more design ideas brewing! I’m also happy to take suggestions. What would you like to see?

Kelly Peloza is the blogger and photographer at Seitan Beats Your Meat, and the author of two vegan cookbooks: The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur, and Cheers to Vegan Sweets.

She lives in Chicago and runs a photography business called Kelly Peloza Photo.

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