“Advertising is based on one thing: happiness.”

Mad Men Vegan MoFo

I am beyond excited to announce my theme for Vegan MoFo 2013, Mad Men! This year’s MoFo combines so many of my interests: Mad Men, television, photography, cinematography, Joan Holloway, food, veganism, writing, art, psychological drama, research, history, storytelling, Mid-Century modern design, and convincing myself that spending tons of $$$ on antiques is an investment! I mean, if there is a real career out there that combines most of these things, SIGN ME UP*! After spending many hours scouring eBay for 1960s kitchenware, reading, and walking around antique stores to make sure my posts aren’t filled with anachronisms, I’ve built a nice little collection of era-appropriate props for the food. Meet Mad Men Vegan MoFo.

Old Fashioned Mad Men Vegan MoFO

*Dear AMC: if you are reading this, I am very interested in working for you. I’ll fetch your coffee, assist assistants, work my way up, whatever!

Rather than simply recreating meals eaten in the show (with a few exceptions), I was inspired by the era, symbolism, the impact of advertising (of course), and Mad Men‘s conceptual and cinematic nature. I’m excited to tell stories through food photography, write about the show, make dishes that scream the ’60s, and feature a Mad Men cocktail every Friday. Let me tell you, I am so glad I decided to do cocktail posts just weekly. If it were more frequently, posts would never get written because I’d be Ted Chaough, face on desk, when he tried to keep up with Don’s drinking habits that one time in season 6.

Cocktail photoshoots often require replacing the drink throughout the shoot because ice melts, condensation happens, and fizz goes flat. And who am I to waste food and drink? (And that’s why they have fake booze, fake cigarettes, and fake ice in the show.)

Watch the trailer:

This first post is kind of a teaser. There are a few sneak peeks of what’s to come, but the trailer was mostly for fun. Enjoy! Come back Tuesday for the Sally Draper-inspired second first post!

Kelly Peloza is the blogger and photographer at Seitan Beats Your Meat, and the author of two vegan cookbooks: The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur, and Cheers to Vegan Sweets.

She lives in Chicago and runs a photography business called Kelly Peloza Photo.

14 Replies to ““Advertising is based on one thing: happiness.””

  1. So rad Kelly! I’ve never seen Mad Med but your trailer made me almost tempted to start watching!

  2. LOL…love the trailer! Very swanky and mysterious. 🙂
    Happy MoFo!

    1. Thank you! Happy MoFo! I’m so excited to officially start this project.

  3. So excited to read all your Mad Men Mofo posts! Happy Mofo! X

  4. That trailer was awesome, I am really looking forward to your theme.
    I’ve never watched Mad Men, but people keep telling me to. One day I will get there!

  5. Ms. Peloza you have outdone yourself. I’m so excited! I can’t participate this year but I’ll be reading along all month long.

  6. THIS! is the best thing I’ve read all day! My favorite show coupled with my favorite month of blogging. Can’t wait to read more ^_^

  7. You are like a superhero. This is amazing, And I’ve never even seen Mad Men. I have a feeling once this month is over, though, I will be glued to Netflix episodes. Awesome.

    1. Thanks so much! You should definitely watch Mad Men…I highly recommend it (of course!).

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