“If you can make it through a day like today, marriage is a cake walk.”

*Warning: spoilers


Since I’m focusing on Mad Men in a historical, cultural, and political context this week, I wanted to do something related to JFK. There is an episode in season one devoted to the election of 1960, and then his assassination shocks the characters of Mad Men in season three’s penultimate episode.

After much deliberation, I decided to take a subtle approach with this post and focus on the aftermath of the JFK assassination in the Mad Men world. While news stories and history books can give factual evidence and the essence of an event, turning the camera in everyday people (as if Roger Sterling, the author of the title quote, is an everyday person) can tell so much more about the impact of tragedy.


Margaret Sterling/Hargrove gets married shortly at the end of November, shortly after JFK’s assassination, in ‘The Grown Ups.’ While the characters try to force life to go on, the wedding barely happens.


Don and Betty’s marital bliss finally comes to an end in this episode, just after baby Gene is born. With season three’s focus on life, death, marriage, and divorce, it seemed appropriate to deal with the JFK assassination upon the backdrop of Margaret’s wedding.

Using red velvet as an anomaly in an image of white wedding bliss, classic illusion vs reality is at play. And with that, I’ll let the images do the talking.



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  1. O my goodness, these pictures are beautiful and so, so sad. Brilliantly done.

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