July Ice Cream Recipe Roundup

Cherry Melon Sherbet

Vegan Ice Cream Roundup

The dog days of summer are in full force and the last thing I’ve been doing is cooking and baking. Even as a baker, the oven hasn’t been on in weeks, and that’s fine by me. When it’s too hot to cook, it’s a great time to test out some new salad recipes, grill, and try out new restaurants in your city (then cook at home all winter after spending all your money dining out all summer.) When it’s too hot to eat hot food, vegan ice cream for dinner is the way to go.

Since I haven’t spend much time in the kitchen this summer, this week I chose some of my favorite SBYM ice cream recipes to share. Most of them require a short amount of time on the stovetop to melt the sugar, but you could replace the sugar with a simple syrup (or other liquid sugar) to avoid the heat step altogether.

Mocha Ice Cream

This ice cream can help you start your day off right. I have multiple batches of cold brew coffee steeping at all times throughout the summer, and the perfect accompaniment to iced coffee is coffee ice cream! You could even—dare I say it—blend the two into a mocha milkshake and keep buzzing throughout the day.
Mocha Vegan Ice Cream

Thin Mint Ice Cream

If you have Girl Scout cookies leftover from spring*, one of the best seasonally-appropriate ways to eat them is crushed up in minty ice cream. This recipe is similar to mint chip ice cream, swapping out some of the chocolate chips for cookies. Luckily, Thin Mints are vegan, so stock up! If you’d prefer to make your own, I have a recipe in The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur.

*Let’s be honest, the only reason you do is because they accidentally fell behind something in the freezer.
Thin Mint Ice Cream

Cherry Canary Melon Sherbet

Give your summer melons a new job in this sherbet recipe, which is like sorbet but good. It’s cherry and melon season, so blend up ripe fresh fruit with homemade lime simple syrup and a bit of coconut milk for a refreshing summer treat.
Cherry Melon Sherbet

Bacon Butter Pecan Ice Cream

While you might be inclined to make this recipe ~ironically~, it’s actually quite delicious! I’m not going to post a recipe that’s gross just for laughs (oops I’m a hypocrite) because wasting food is no joke. Plus, you wouldn’t get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Vegan Bacon Butter Pecan Ice Cream Recipe

Go forth, and uncook some ice cream! If you don’t have an ice cream maker or would prefer your ice cream gratification to be a little more instant, get thee to the frozen dessert section of the supermarket or your favorite ice cream parlor that serves vegan options. Enjoy!

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Best Vegan Ice Cream Recipes for Summer | Seitan Beats Your Meat

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