Homemade Cashew Milk

It happened: I’ve started making my own non-dairy milk. Not because I’m worried about additives and toxins, carrageenan, blah blah blah, but because I finally found a non-dairy milk that’s simple to make and tastes good (still shuddering from the oat milk experiment). It’s cashew milk! It’s not that soy milk or other non-dairy milk […]

Party Like a Mad Man

The season premiere (well, technically the premiere of the second half) of the final season of Mad Men is tomorrow night. Perfect timing for a Mad Men-themed post. Judy Gelman of The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook invited me, along with several other food and lifestyle bloggers, to participate in a Virtual Mad Men Finale Party to celebrate […]

Vegan Bacon Vodka

Vegan bacon vodka

When I made infused vodka the other week, there was a little tidbit I left out of that post. A small omission, really. See, in addition to cucumber and hibiscus vodka, I decided to use the remaining liquor for a slightly off-putting experiment: bacon vodka. Since bacon has been in the trendy public eye for […]