Animals and Vegan Eats in Seattle and Vancouver

Seattle and Vancouver vegan eats and travel

Vegan Eats in Seattle and Vancouver

A few weeks ago, we spent almost a week traveling around Seattle and Vancouver, BC! Each day brought amazing restaurants, outdoor adventures, and all kinds of animals. I climbed a mountain (okay, was lifted to the top and walked around the hilly parts up top), saw 7 whales, visited the famous Catfe, and enjoyed fresh, colorful dishes at restaurants around each city. There are so many Seattle and Vancouver vegan spots to enjoy. Here are some of the highlights!


Within 2 hours of arriving in Seattle, I switched from a shoulder bag to a camera fanny pack. Because it’s easier to run around all day with a bag around your waist than digging into your shoulders. The epitome of cool.

Plum Bistro

The first sit-down restaurant we visited in Seattle was Plum Bistro. I’ve seen their creative burger menu show up on many a “best vegan restaurant” list, but we went during brunch hours, which I’m sure was equally great! We tried an apple sage sausage and pancake breakfast plate, as well as a soul food plate. It was all excellent and seasoned well.

Wayward Cafe

The menu at Wayward Cafe is like a novel, and every item is vegan. The staff clearly realizes that just reading the menu, let alone deciding what to order, could take a little while because they gave us a much-needed 5-10 minutes to look it over. We started with the mozzarella wedges appetizer, which is a plate of seriously substantial mozzarella sticks. After the appetizer, I took two bites of my country fried burrito and sides of biscuits and gravy (not pictured) and called it a day. After this meal, we rented a boat from the Waterfront Activities Center at UWashington and my leftovers the locker where we left our belongings smell like potatoes. Worth it. No photos from the boat because I didn’t want to bring electronics out on the water, but there were lots of birds (Great Blue Herons) and many of them got WAY TOO CLOSE.

Mozzarella wedges at @waywardvegancafe πŸ§€πŸ…πŸ˜ #vegan #seattle #vegantravel #wayward

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Sugar Plum Seattle

While dining at Plum Bistro, we saw that they also own an ice cream shop and bakery called Sugar Plum, so visiting there too was essential. This is a salted caramel cone, which I enjoyed on a downhill walk surrounded by flowers (so picturesque!).

Salted caramel at @sugarplumseattle 🍦🍦🍦#seattle #vegan #latergram

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Seattle just looks like this, nbd. Chicago does not look like this in April. Moving to Seattle now.

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I didn’t have my camera or phone out the entire time because I like to pretend to be a well-adjusted human being who doesn’t check my phone every 2 1/2 minutes. But we also visited the all-vegan bar, The Highline, and walked around the Capitol Hill area. We had fewer than 2 days in Seattle, but managed to accomplish quite a lot.


As stated above, we only spent a short time in Seattle, so the rest of the trip was in Vancouver, BC. Which looks like this in April! Also moving to Vancouver.


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We stayed near Sunset Beach in Vancouver and decided to walk to the beach on the first morning in town, as people might do. Just kidding, there happened to be a 5K going on that morning. It looked like the entire population of Vancouver and surrounding areas was running because there was no way to get across the street. We sat in a nearby park and finished off the box of Mighty-O-Donuts that came with us from Seattle.

MeeT in Gastown

We actually made TWO trips to MeeT in Gastown because everything on the menu looked great, and there was an abundance of onion rings. MeeT has a standard seitan-based burger with all sorts of toppings. Most burgers come with 2 onion rings. This one is the Buffalo burger with guacamole. I had the mac n cheese burger during the other visit.

Cauliflower bites and fries/onion rings combo! Also, a root beer float (not pictured).

The Acorn

We made a point to visit The Acorn for a more upscale dinner one night. The Acorn is definitely a bit of a splurge, so it was nice to visit as a special occasion. Vegan fine dining is a thing we don’t really have (or have very limited options for) in Chicago!

L to R, counterclockwise: one of The Acorn’s signature cocktails, Crimson King (Bulleit Bourbon, Tawny Port, Syrah, Simple Syrup, House Sour Cherry + Chocolate Bitters, Juniper Branch Tincture), Brassica (Rosemary Roasted Cabbage, Cauliflower Potato Nests, House Bavarian Mustard, Pickled Cabbage, Cauliflower Cashew Puree), Lemon tart (Coconut Lemon Custard, Walnut + Date Crust, Cherry Coulis, Lemon Segments), and Rosemary Olive Oil Chocolate Cake (Mix Berry Coulis, Coconut Caramel, Elderflower Bergamot Ice).


We went out on a boat and saw some whales! Wild whales. It was a really great experience and nice to spend the day out on the water. #betterthanSeaWorld #kinderthanSeaWorld


No day is complete without snuggling some animals! We visited Vancouver’s cat cafe, CatfΓ©, and spent an hour playing with all of the adoptable cats. I enjoyed the “senior and quiet cats room” because the cats enjoyed quietly sleeping in your lap.

Doing our best Ted Cruz impressions. πŸ’πŸ± #catfe #vancouver @catfe_vancouver

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#latergram from Stanley Park in Vancouver 🌹🌺🌸

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We definitely made the most of 6 days in Vancouver and Seattle and did lots of things. Possibly to the point of exhaustion. I’d love to take another trip soon to see everything else, visit more restaurants, and enjoy more time in the PNW!

Seattle and Vancouver vegan eats and travel

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Trip to the Pacific Northwest and Seattle and Vancouver Vegan Eats | Seitan Beats Your Meat

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  1. Seattle is my favourite place in the world. The only place I haven’t been to on your list from there is Sugar Plum, because it hadn’t opened yet last time I was there, but I am going next year and I am super excited! πŸ˜€
    Will also be stopping by Vancouver, and I can’t wait to go to MeeT on Main. And see whales. The Catfe is really close to where we will be staying too.
    Your post has made me so excited… I need to go now. πŸ˜‰

  2. Love Acorn! Didn’t know about MeeT, will have to check it out next time I’m in Van, thanks!

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