Summer Cocktail Roundup

Summer Cocktail Recipes: Infused Vodka

Hey there! Things have been a little crazy over here. Last month, I attended the third and final Vida Vegan Con Bloggers Conference in Austin, TX and have been playing catchup the past few weeks (I documented the VVC happenings mostly on Instagram). It was an amazing time and I learned so much to apply to my food blog, and day-to-day life as an entrepreneur. Speaking of, the main thing keeping me busy these days is keeping my photography business, Kelly Peloza Photo, up and running. I also have some fun things in the works on that front, so stay tuned!

Instead of radio silence, I thought I’d dig up some summer cocktail recipes from the official Seitan Beat Your Meat Cocktail Recipe Archives (the fancy way of saying I clicked on the “Drinks” category in the drop-down recipe menu) in preparation for the first day of summer (and also Father’s Day), which is this Sunday, June 21st! It’s been pretty dreary, muggy, and rainy in Chicago for the past week, so I certainly don’t mind looking at photos of brightly-colored drinks today either.

It just so happens that these are all vodka recipes and most of them are inspired by TV shows (that’s just how it goes with me), but a couple of them are gin or include gin variations. And as always, mixing up your own variation or turning these recipes into mocktails is encouraged.

Summer Cocktail Recipes

Ginger Lime Hibiscus Cocktail

Summer Cocktail Recipes: Hibiscus CocktailThis vodka-based pink drink is made with Hibiscus Rose Infused Vodka, ginger ale, lime simple syrup, lime juice, and a touch of Grand Marnier.

Find the recipe here.

Cucumber Mojito

Summer Cocktail Recipes: Cucumber Vodka MojitoThis Cucumber Mojito recipe is also made with an infused vodka. It’s full of fresh mint leaves and cucumber slices, lime, cucumber-infused vodka, and topped off with club soda. It’s an excellent, not-too-sweet, summer afternoon drink.

Get your Cucumber Mojito on here.

Tom Collins

Summer Cocktail Recipes: Tom Collins
The rest of the cocktails on this list are also inspired by a TV show. These are pulled from my 2013 Mad Men Vegan MoFo project. This drink is your standard Tom Collins with a Sally Draper twist.

Read all about it, and get the recipe here.

Rocket Fuel

Summer Cocktail Recipes: Mad Men Peggy Vodka and Mountain Dew

“You need three ingredients for a cocktail. Vodka and Mountain Dew is an emergency.” According to Peggy Olson’s quote, Rocket Fuel is not actually a cocktail, but I included it on this list anyway.

This not-cocktail is really just vodka and Mountain Dew, but if you want some proper instructions, check it out here.

Vodka Gimlet

Summer Cocktail Recipes: Mad Men Betty Draper Vodka Gimlet

The final cocktail here is Betty Draper’s Vodka Gimlet. It’s full of lime, vodka, and metaphorical disappointment (the actual drink is delicious).

Betty is firmly in the vodka camp, but gin is also a possibility with this gimlet recipe.

What are your favorite summer cocktail recipes (or mocktail recipes)?


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